100 million Pound Sterling law suit filed against Excapsa

Slot Gacor Hari Ini readers may remember the brief but eventful life in the latter part of 2005 of a online poker room company called Pokershare, which had an innovative marketing approach of sharing its profits with its online poker players. Unfortunately, before these riches could be realised Pokershare and its network, Excapsa had a falling out and that has led to litigation.

The London Sunday Express reports that Pokershare seemingly did too well, attracting players in sufficiently large numbers to worry Excapsa and its Ultimatebet site.

Pokershare now alleges that Excapsa prejudiced its chances of success by barring U.S. poker players from Pokershare, and then removing network support which resulted in Pokershare failing in November.

PokerShare has now filed litigation against UltimateBet for an astonishing GBP 100 million, claiming that the action taken by Excapsa and UltimateBet, including the removal of rights to the software and technology previously agreed upon forced Pokershare to discontinue business activities.

Unless an agreed settlement is achieved out of court, the two sides could be airing their grievances and defence in the near future, the newspaper reports. A settlement may be the best way forward for Excapsa, which is reported to be seriously considering an IPO.

NexLearn Develops Poker Program

KANSAS – (PRESS RELEASE) — E-Learning solutions company NexLearn, LLC, has developed the “Palms Home Poker Host,” a computer software program designed to train users to host professional poker tournaments. The retail product, which is the first to carry the Palms Casino Resort name, made its debut recently at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The program features three video-simulated “staff members”—a Planner, Director and Bartender—that interact with users to teach step by step every aspect of hosting a poker tournament. “By using SimWriter, our proprietary simulation development tool, we were able to create an engaging program that’s both entertaining and informative,” said Michael Cooper, NexLearn president.

According to development partners John DeCastro, founder of Cool Hand Luke, LLC, and Jamie Spears, Cool Hand Luke member and father of pop artist Britney Spears, NexLearn’s knowledge and experience in creating social simulations and custom e-Learning programs were critical to the success of the product. “For our particular project, an entertainment software product sold through major retail, we required world- class execution on all levels: graphically, functionally and in terms of user friendliness. The team at NexLearn not only met our expectations, they exceeded them. Certainly we had the opportunity to work with any major market software developer. We chose correctly when we selected NexLearn as our development partner,” said DeCastro.

Representatives from NexLearn attended a launch party at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas on January 5 to introduce the new product. Also present were George Maloof, Palms CEO and president; Cindy Margolis, who starred as the Planner in the computer program; Britney Spears; and buyers from numerous major retail outlets. “Our specialty is developing training and educational programs for the business and academic arenas,” explained Cooper. “But developing the Palms Home Poker Host was a great opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the NexLearn staff and the flexibility of our SimWriter technology.”

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