Gameforge puts players in the hustle and bustle of a medieval city

Karlsruhe, November 5th, 2009. It’s done: The medieval world of the Gilde 1400 opens its gates and from today invites all adventurers, strategists and daredevils to try their luck in the alleys of a flourishing metropolis. Gameforge, the online game specialist from Karlsruhe, implements the well-known PC games brand as a free browser game. Thousands of players fight for fame and fortune in historic cities. Ambition and diligence, intrigues and intrigues are in the foreground of the exciting struggle for ecclesiastical and secular claims to rule. The multi-layered economic simulation not only offers impressive game depth, the journey to the 14th century is also graphically extremely complex. Imposing buildings, wicked alleys, bustling marketplaces up to detailed residences and businesses are among the sights. This unique atmosphere and the skillful combination of building strategy, political simulation and role play ensure the hustle and bustle and lots of fun at


Complex economic system:
The production of goods and skillful trade in them form the basis of all success and lead to influence and prosperity.

Political participation right:
The successful election campaign for secular, ecclesiastical or dark offices is worthwhile: anyone who, for example, is allowed to participate in decision-making on draft laws, outdoes their unwelcome teammates in good time.

Friend or foe?
Drinking together in the tavern or is it bribery and active espionage? Find suitable allies or make life difficult for your competitors through clever political tactics, targeted sabotage and devious intrigues.

Strategic structure:
Let your empire grow steadily: Build bigger and nicer houses that are worthy of your social position. Grow your operations to be more productive and get the money flowing.

Beyond death:
You are at the beginning of your dynasty – but when Grim Reaper knocks on your door, capable and well-trained descendants protect your life’s work from ruin.


Anno Domini 1400.

The world is changing and is shedding the last shadow of the Middle Ages. A golden age is ahead! Trade flourishes and as financial strength grows, so does the influence of formerly ordinary citizens on the fate of politics and the economy. The class boundaries that previously seemed to have been carved in stone have long since crumbled. Even the exclusive privileges of the nobility and the associated influence of power are no longer inaccessible for ambitious merchants, talented craftsmen and ambitious clergymen!

The browser game Gilde 1400 puts the player directly into the hustle and bustle of a medieval city. Here lies the foundation for his own family dynasty. With an honorable job, commercial skills and political cunning, he sets the right course for building a powerful economic empire. But not only the upright path, but also dark machinations and underhand intrigues can just as quickly lead to reputation, power and prosperity, even if not entirely without danger. But at the head of a guild, fame and fortune await the most skilful adventurers and reward them for the arduous way to the top!
For the free virtual worlds of Gameforge, the player only needs a web browser and internet access. The game events are calculated on the Gameforge servers; an installation on the hard drive is not necessary. The game can be accessed from any computer.


About Gameforge:
Gameforge is the world’s largest independent provider of browser- and client-based MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games). The company offers 16 games in over 50 languages. More than 85 million players worldwide have registered for Gameforge games. OGame is one of the best-known browser-based MMOGs from the Karlsruhe gaming specialist. In addition, Gameforge offers other top games in the fast-growing online games market with Ikariam, Legend Online, WarpFire, Gladiatus or BiteFight and, with its wide range of games, is one of the leading developers and publishers of browser games. The second strategic core area of ​​the company is the publishing of client-based online games. This also includes the largest MMOG in Europe, the oriental action game Metin2.

In December 2003, Klaas Kersting and Alexander Rösner, the former co-founders of Schlund & Partner AG, founded the game company Gameforge. Over 300 people are employed at the Karlsruhe location. A well-known investor, Accel Partners, has been involved in the company since August 2007.

In 2008 Gameforge was with