The pre-event for the extensive content update starts immediately

Karlsruhe, December 2, 2009. Europe’s largest online game ‘Metin2’ is entering a new round. With the “Grotto of Banishment”, an important high-level content update is in the starting blocks that will lead millions of players into an adventurous dimension in the coming weeks. At, Gameforge, the world’s largest independent provider of free massively multiplayer online games, invites you to search for the mysterious glyph stones in the Metin2 game world as of today. Heavily guarded by wild creatures, they are an important part of unlocking the portal that leads into the unknown hinterland. The dragon god amulet, which the player also has to earn first, shows the way to this well-hidden magical place.

In the as yet undeveloped area is the entrance to the legendary grotto, the gates of which, however, are still locked. Inside, old stories are waiting to return to the world. They tell of resentment and hatred among the gods, one of whom is driven to sibling murder in anger and finds his fate deep underground, in rocky captivity. Deadly dangers lurk in this ominous place of exile for the unfortunate and also the daredevils who get lost there, because the outlaw is again seeking revenge!

Metin2 leads into the fascinating Far Eastern world of the realms Shinsoo, Chunjo and Jinno, over which the breath of the dragon god watches. Picturesque villages blossomed into full splendor under the rule of the benevolent imperial couple. But now this fascinating world is facing a great threat: the impact of the Metin stone inflicted deep wounds on the continent and brought chaos and destruction to the inhabitants. War arose between the realms, wild animals were transformed into raging beasts and the dead awoke as bloodthirsty creatures to new, demonic life. What once flourished now seems to be doomed. Do you have the courage to stand up for the fate of your people? Only a true hero can restore peace and unite the rich. You can choose from four different character classes – warrior, ninja, shaman and sura. Sharpen your senses and become a master of your martial arts!

In order to be able to play Metin2, a simple registration and the download of the free client on the website is sufficient. Metin2 can be played for an unlimited period of time and fully free of charge. If you want to individualize your character or gain small game advantages, you can purchase add-ons or exclusive items within the virtual world.

About Gameforge:
Gameforge is the world’s largest independent provider of browser and client-based online games. The Karlsruhe-based company offers 17 games in over 50 languages, including Metin2, the largest massively multiplayer online game in Europe. The Gameforge portfolio also includes well-known games such as OGame, Ikariam, Gilde1400, 4Story or Gladiatus. The Gameforge portal MMOGAME integrates all Gameforge games into a comprehensive community network. Gameforge has received numerous awards, including the “Entrepreneur of the Year 2008” and the “Technology Pioneer 2009” from the World Economic Forum. ‘Ikariam’ won the German Computer Game Award in 2009 in the “Best Browser Game” category.
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