Hello dear Internet friends, Nicolas is my name and I am a fan of online Black Jack. I am of French origin, I am 29 years old and I am married to a wonderful wife who has supported me since I have been in the world of Black Jack. I learned to play Black Jack in the street from my earliest childhood, and then I converted to professionalism when I was 25 years old. Like most Black Jack players, the beginnings are not always easy and it is over time and accumulated experience that we truly come to enjoy the fruits of our labor. After 4 years of experience, I was then able to start participating in large-scale Black Jack tournaments, following numerous health problems, my games have dropped considerably. But thanks to online blackjack,

My story

Registered on an online Black Jack 789bet login gaming site, I then gave myself a second chance to be able to return to the competitive market and prove myself despite my illness. At first my wife found it meaningless, and said that this game could kill me, but over time she realized that it was not playing Black Jack that still hurt me. So, I made my mental and financial arrangements in order to play Black Jack properly online. Of course, I had to undergo rehabilitation, because online Blackjack at my age requires a little training in computers and learning to use Internet tools. But I don’t regret in any way having given myself to this game and continuing to play it on the internet.

As an experienced Black Jack player, I can simply urge all players whether online or in real casinos, to hold on to this passion.

Birth of the game of Black Jack

Blackjack is a game that originated in the time of the revolution, in the 1700s AD. Despite the controversy that this game has aroused for many years, several historians have agreed to say that Black Jack appeared in Europe, more precisely in France.

Also called the “Vingt-et-Un” game, Black Jack is a game that has been sidelined for a long time, because there were already games that were similar to it, and it is these games that Black Jack takes its origins. The most popular and widespread in the European continent, as far as casinos and cards are concerned, were the game of “Trente-et-Un” and the “French Farm”.

In addition, at the end of the 1700s, Black Jack, commonly known as the “Black Jack”, will because of its ease attracted a few more players and will become one of the most popular casino games in Europe.

Deportation and adoption of the game of Valet Noir

It was not until the beginning of the 19th century that American players decided to bring a new touch to the world of American gambling, and to do this, they took the game of “Black Jack” to the United States, specifically in Las Vegas.

The beginnings of Black Jack were very difficult, and on top of that, the players did not know what the principles of the game were, they preferred not to venture into this game. It was only after the end of the revolution , that the casinos and their manager have taken the decision to bring back the game of Valet Noir on the carpet.

To allow all players to immerse themselves, they then renamed this game, by the name of Black Jack. Thus, the game was very well received and accepted by native players because of the many advantages and bonuses offered to them. It is from this moment that Black Jack began to have a very good reputation.

The challenge of Blackjack

What makes Black Jack still a reference game in all casinos today is simply because it is one of the few card games that allows players to face the casino directly. .


One thing is essential in the game of blackjack, to have the maximum advantage while reducing that of the gambling house, by not exceeding 21 points. Several methods may be suitable to achieve this goal, but the most effective are the ones most used by professionals in this game.

Basic Strategy

The basic strategy of blackjack has been established in the form of a table showing all the possible probabilities adapted to each situation. These techniques are the optimal activities that the player will implement in relation to his own cards and that of the dealer. This basic strategy in blackjack remains the first part to be done in order to be able to reduce the advantage of the gambling house or the casino as much as possible. When you have a good command of this strategy, the advantage of the casino decreases to less than 1%. But in the opposite case, without using this method, the casino will remain advantageous from 3 to 5%.

card counting

This useful strategy also fits perfectly with card counting. You have to keep one thing in mind with this kind of technique, it does not quite give you a chance of winning, but on the other hand it will offer you good management of the game in progress, and also helps you think better to take the ideal decision. However, it can also change depending on the number of cards remaining in the deck of the game table.

The basic strategy of blackjack is represented on a colored grid, where some casinos approve its presence on the gaming table provided that it is the size of a bank card. On the other hand, having a good memory will be another relevant asset when it comes to memorizing this indispensable blackjack strategy.