Our sanghoki Stud jackpot has been the talk of the town lately, with the total reaching over $60,000 very recently. Many hands are long due to be hit, each dishing out a chunk of the jackpot to the lucky players.

Just a short while ago, stamatio picked up a win of approximately $6000 cash for making a five-high straight flush, which awards 10% of the Caribbean Stud jackpot! Congratulations go out from all over our community for her excellent win.

The jackpot is still crawling upwards, and we have yet to find our lucky Royal Flush winner who takes down the whole pot. A holiday in the Caribbean itself is more than affordable for the eventual winner…

Mada1970 on a roll and more Sunday 20k winners!

Fresh from his success during the Turkey Day Grand Final, Mada1970 wasted no time jumping back into the tournaments, and picked up a seventh place finish in our latest Sunday $20,000 Guaranteed tournament. Congratulations to Mada1970 once more, but I’m not here to take away the amazing finish for NeoBahamut2, who pocketed a huge $5400 for his first place win.

252 players signed up for the tournament for $60 each, giving an EV of just over $79 for the buy-in. 30 players finished in the money, with the top 6 receiving at least $1000 in the hand. Not too bad for a few hours of play on a lazy Sunday!

After narrowing the field down to the final table, players were knocked out quickly until the final two entrants remained: NeoBahamut2 and luv2razit.

Heads-up play only lasted four hands, and luv2razit loved to raise, which ultimately led to a second place win.

The Final Hand

NeonBahamut2 vs. luv2razit

A K vs. A

luv2razit wasted no time raising to 11,000 chips after the cards were dealt, and NeoBahamut2 saw this as a chance to make the final shot at the win and re-raised all in. luv2razit called, and discovered a total domination.

The flop saw Ace, King and Queen come down. This paired luv2razit and gave NeoBahamut2 a massive lead. The Five on the turn wasn’t of any help, and the river brought yet another King, giving NeoBahamut2 a full house and $5400! luv2razit picked up an excellent $3600 for the second place finish.

Congratulations to all our Sunday 20k Guaranteed winners!

Our Grand Final Turkey Day Winners!

Our Turkey Day promotion exploded during November, and anyone who has been keeping track will know that the official Jackpot was rising to astronomical heights, all of which was to be up for grabs in the final Turkey Day Grand Final, which was played over the weekend to its completion. I can now proudly present all the action for those who missed the chance to check out the final table.

Our leaderboard of 100 players was finalised, with last year’s Turkey Day runner up Mada1970 completely obliterating the competition with a final standing of 100710 points. The second place leaderboard player, DuBaDinDuM, was sitting on the list with 61370 points, almost as low as half of what Mada1970 had accumulated.

The top 100 players were then divided into ten Turkey Day qualifier Sit’n’Go tables, and the winners of each would then form the final ten-seated Sit’n’Go Grand Final. Congratulations go out to all our players in the Turkey Day promotion, without who we wouldn’t have such an elite final table and fantastic jackpot to give away!

The final ten sat down ready for action, and when compared to a multi-table tournament, the Sit’n’Go could progress reasonably quickly. Action played out with 10 players for a good length of time, but soon they began dropping like flies as hugie2u, Bokomon and Mada1970 began knocking them out one after another. In fact, three players were eliminated on three consecutive hands, but the placings for ChicoM, slash52 and GoodDonkey were still more than enough to secure a share in the jackpot worth over $1000.

The master of the knockout, hugie2u, was eliminated in third place good for a prize of $3144.10.

The heads-up play began. Bokonon had started the top 100 qualifiers ranking in 36th place, while Mada1970 had been the front runner for the entire promotion. Both are extremely skilled players, and it was only a matter of time until they found themselves all in against each other in the most anticipated pot for weeks.

The Final Hand

Bokonon vs. Mada1970

J A vs. K

Mada1970 started the betting with a simple all in raise. As the short stack, K6 would be a good way to pick up the blinds and move on to the next hand. Bokonon had no intention of folding with AJ, and called easily.

The flop gave Bokonon a pair of Jacks, and only two more chances for Mada1970 to hit a King. the turn and river paired the board with Eights, and showed no King to help Mada1970.

Bokonon was crowned the Turkey Day champion after weeks of intense Sit’n’Go action, and picked up $6986.90 for the win! Mada1970 gains massive respect for being the strongest consistent player of the tournament, and there’s certainly no shame in walking away with $4192.14 for his effort.

Congratulations to all players in our huge Thanksgiving promotion, and we look forward to seeing you at the tables throughout December!

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